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Greeting from North Tyneside

Roger Curtis

During the last 25 years the DEF has been active and influential in helping the citizens of North Tyneside and Oer-Erkenschwick achieve the basic aim of Town Twinning - enabling people in different countries to better understand one another.

In fact the DEF has done more than this. Many long lasting friendships have been made as a result of the DEF's hard work in organising exchange visits between Oer-Erkenschwick und North Tyneside.

During our regular visits we have learnt much about German histoy and culture, but other things stick in my mind. I remember and treasure the walk in the park, the wagon ride through the forest, the darts matches and the many small acts of welcome and kindness. They all have one thing in common - ordinary people doing ordinary things together - and having a lot of fun.

So a toast - "thank you for the last 25 years - and best wishes for the next 25".

Roger Curtis


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