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Greeting Mayor Clemens Peick

Bürgermeister Clemens Peick

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The 25 year-old German-English Friendship Circle has meant for all members in a sense being honorary ambassadors for the partnership between North Tyneside and Oer-Erkenschwick.

Moreover many such ambassadors have made the partnership between our two towns what it is today. Numerous people from North Tyneside and Oer-Erkenschwick, politicians as well as "ordinary" citizens, have filled relations between our two towns with life. Today through those reciprocal visits we have the feeling of meeting good old friends and seeing well-known places again.

>From the beginning town partnerships were not merely vehicles for functional matters. They were never intended for soap-box speeches and political tourism.

When the people of both towns become partners town partnerships become alive. The German-English Friendship Circle since its foundation an 19 June 1979 has formed a close network of personal connections. During this time all sorts of meetings have taken place. The preparations for these and accompanying them is associated with a great expenditure of energy.

For this more than 25 years of unpaid work well done an behalf of town partnership 1 would like to express my appreciation to the Committee and members of the DEF and I would like the partnership between North Tyneside and Oer-Erkenschwick to be preserved for many more years yet.

Yours Clemens Peick
Mayor of Oer-Erkenschwick


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