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25 Years - Dates, Facts, Highlights


The administration of Oer-Erkenschwick agrees to a partnership with a city in England (Killingworth / Longbenton).

March 1969

1st exchange of students of the Realschule.

June 1972

Signing of the partnership documents at Longbenton.


Municipal reform in England: Longbenton and seven surrounding cities become North Tyneside.


Foundation of the "Deutsch-Englischer-Freundeskreises" (DEF). Friedrich Kerzig becomes 1st chairman.

Autumn 1979

Foundation of the Twin Towns Association in North Tyneside.


The DEF affiliates its 100th member.


1. Concert of choire and orchestra of the Longbenton High School at the town hall, conductorship Eric Gassner. A lot more concerts will follow at exchange with choir and orchestra of the grammar School of Oer-Erkenschwick, conductorship W. Gertz.

Autumn 1984

Start of the exchange of students at regular intervals between the Longebenton High School and the grammar School of Oer-Erkenschwick.

Sept. 1987

Concert of the Backworth Male Voice Choir in the town hall.


Concert of the youth string orchestra of North Tyneside in the town hall. Conductorship C. Ballantyne.

March 1989

Volker Fleischmann becomes chairman.


1. open darts championship of the DEF.


Gala performance on the occasion of the 10 years anniversary of the DEF in the town hall in the presence of the british vice consul Mrs. Susann Speller and vistors from North Tyneside.

May 1991

Games of partnership in Oer-Erkenschwick with teams from North Tyneside, Halluin, Lübbenau, Kocevje.

March 1992

Rainer Maschke becomes chairman.


Gala performance of the youth dancing school Dance Kaleidoscope in the town hall.

Autumn 1992

DEF visits London.

May 1993

Games of partnership in Halluin with teams from North Tyneside, Lübbenau, Kocevje, Oer-Erkenschwick, Menen/Belgien.


Festive evening on the occasion of the 15 years anniversary of the DEF in hotel Stimbergpark and visitors from North Tyneside.


Games of partnership in North Tyneside with teams from Halluin, Kocevje, Lübbenau, Kocevje, Oer-Erkenschwick.

May 1997

Visitors from North Tyneside with a delegation of fireman.


Performance of Dance Kaleodoscope in the new opened town hall.


20 years anniversary with vistors from North Tyneside; ceremonial act in ev. community centre, convivial evening in club house of the SV Neptun.

May 2000

A delegation of the committee took part at the 20 years anniversary of the Twin Town Association and the Fish Quai Festival in North Shields.


DEF-members to bike from Oer-Erkenschwick to North Tyneside.


A delegation of the Twin Town Association visits Oer-Erkenschwick for the 50 years anniversary and the games of partnership with teams from Halluin, Kocevje, Lübbenau, Pniewy, Oba.


DEF to bike from Oer-Erkenschwick to Wuppertal.


The DEF celebrates its 25st jubilee together with friends of the Twin Town Association.
DEF to reach by www.deferkenschwick.de .


DEF invited by DTF for doner dinner.


DEF to reach by www.def-oe.de .


A group of 22 people visited North Tyneside to celebrate the 25 year anniversary together with friends of the Twin Town Association.

December 2005

25th jubilee of H.J. Krumme, Hildegard und Hans Bock.

January 2006

Whisky-tasting at Cafe Kleinkunst.

March 2006

Rainer Maschke furthermore chairman.

Juli 2006

As present a helmet of the fire brigade of North Tyneside to the fire brigade of Oer-Erkenschwick.

August 2006

Our english friends take back the darts cup.

October 2006

Karo-kilt and backpipe with the group "bravehearts" at Cafe Kleinkunst.

December 2006

25th jubilee of Erika Eichel und Peter Eisele.

February 2007

Whisky-tasting at Cafe Kleinkunst.


Visiting the coal mine Zollern II at Dortmund Bövinghausen.

August 2007

DEF regains the darts-cup.

November 2007

Halloween-party at Cafe Kleinkunst with the choir "I Dolci" from the Willy-Brandt grammar school.

February 2008

32 people at whisky-tasting at Cafe Kleinkunst.

March 2008

Common wine-tasting with DEF and Lübbenauer-Freundeskreis.

May 2008

The darts-cup goes back to North Tyneside.

November 2008

Halloween-party with turkey hen at Cafe Kleinkunst. DEF welcomes 10 young, new members.

Decmber 2008

25th jubilee of Heike Dewald und Christa Krumme.


Chairmann Rainer Maschke, "Träger der goldenen Ehrennadel der Stadt Oer-Erkenschwick", died all at once.

March 2009

Günter Hintz becomes chairman.


The DEF celebrates his 30th anniversary at hotel "Stimbergpark".

July 2009

A delegation of the DEF visited North Tyneside to tour beamish, the Lighthouse St.Mary's island .....

December 2009

25th jubilee of Katja Rademacher-Gabriel, Melitta und Heinrich Schüssleder.

January 2010

24 people take part in the whisky-tasting at Cafe Kleinkunst.

March 2010

Günter Hintz affirmed as chairman.

August 2010

11 visitors from North Tyneside stay in Oer-Erkenschwick to tour "Villa Hügel in Essen" ....

November 2010

30 years in service of friendship. Delegation from Oer-Erkenschwick handed chairman Aidan Ridley an edition of the "Stimbergzeitung" on the occasion of the founding day of NTTTA.

December 2010

25th jubilee of Anneliese Breidung, Gisela Wilken, Doris und Volker Fleischmann.

March 2011

Adelheid Lipke confirmed as vice chairman.

August 2011

16 members of the DEF visiting North Tyneside among them pleasing many youngsters.


15 people take part in whisky-tasting at Cafe Kleinkunst. The band "Five Guinness" plays music

December 2011

25th jubilee of Gudrun Brödner, Rüdiger Russel und Ulrich Zoranski.

March 2012

Günter Hintz reelected.
Town twinned with North Tyneside does not stand on shaky ground

August 2012

16 english friends in Oer-Erkenschwick to tour "Henrichshütte" in Hattingen, "Synagoge" in Essen.....
NTTTA beats DEF darts cup stays in North Tyneside.

October 2012

Sculpture of the Indweller, designed by the artist Dr. John O'Rourke produced by factory "Auguste Victoria in Marl nearly completed.

December 2012

25th jubilee of Adelheid Lipke, Urs Lipke, Ralf Rieder und Renate Urbaniak-Rieder.

March 2013

Differently from other clubs DEF is not affected by disorganisation.

September 2013

DEF members on a visit with BBC.

February 2014

Günter Hintz furthermore chairman.

March 2014

To make contact by DEF between King Edward Primary School and "Ewalsdchule" primary School.

April 2014

Whisky-tasting at "Haus Zoranski" expert Oliver Mühlmann shows a piece of turf.

August 2014

To expect 13 english friends from North Tyneside in Oer-Erkenschwick.
To tour Münster, Grugapark in Essen, Dechenhöhle.....
DEF returned the darts cup

October 2014

Misleading headline of the Stimbergzeitung, DEF does not belong to clubs which closure.

November 2014

Having a meal of green cabbage at "Keglerheim am Stimbergpark".

December 2014

x-mas celebration at "Keglerheim Neptun".
25th jubilee of Gerd Hafner, Anne Rahemipour, Jürgen und Barbara Teske

Of course, there were a lot of meetings from groups of the twin towns which are not mentioned.

We like to remember our late board members of both circle of friends: Friedrich Kerzig, Hermann Thomann, Peter Eisele, Rainer Maschke, Allan McDonald, George Wright, Bob Booth, Gordon Halliday


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